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 Welcome to our new, long-awaited website, devoted to unusual and mysterious places in Poland. This site is the brainchild of two men, admitted psychos ;), who out of boredom, set out to find and photograph these abandoned places like no one else before them.

 We invite you to visit our gallery and look through our photos - perhaps you will see the same hidden beauty in these places as we do. If you enjoy doing this kind of thing on your own, we encourage you to share your experiences and photos with us.

[opuszczone means abandoned in Polish]
Military weapon factories (k/Nowogród Bobrzański)
Soviet ammo storages - Mulnik (Świnoujście)
Abandoned airport (Kluczewo) 
chemical factory abandoned brickyard, steelworks chemical factory nuklear power plant modern castle prison Kalisz Oswiecim Opole Opole Manor ruins Palace Wroclaw and environs Palace NZC Cracov and environs Abandoned church, Water tower Abandoned Brickyard, Palace Bielsko and environs Abandoned mansion-house Gdansk and environs Grodkow, Kopice Sarbinowo Abandoned Brickyard , Abandoned manor Chodziez and surroundings Cotton factory - Odra (Nowa Sól) Zielona Góra and environs Silesia Abandoned school (Zduńska Wola - Karsznice), Abandoned tram-car's (Karsznice) Borne Sulinowo, Gródek, Brzeźnica and surroundings Zasieki, Gębice Poznan and environs Warsaw and environs Sulęcin, Kęszyca Leśna, Prześlice Church, Mine Chróścina, Czernina, Osetno Tomaszów Mazowiecki Hospital, Distillery Distillery, Resort Lodz - Pabianice Walbrzych and environs Grodzisk Wlkp. Szczecin and environs Sieniawa - mine Water tower, boiler-room Abandoned cottage Church Abandoned cellulosa factory Abandoned manor Wloclawek Klodzko Valley Toruń Bydgoszcz Jelenia Gora and environs
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